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The Future of Mobile App Releases

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The Future of Mobile App Releases

This session will be split into two halves: 

Pol Piella will discuss: 
  • What does the future of CI/CD look like for mobile teams? What role can AI play in the field and how will the way that developers ship their apps change?
  • What does platform maturity look like for your in a mobile team’s CI/CD and what kind of processes can you put in place now to ensure your releases are as safe and smooth as possible.
Ural Emekci will be discussing: 
  • What does 'peak' performance look like in mobile DevOps? 
  • The results of the client survey Appcircle has conducted at the end of 2023. Mobile Devops maturity table with clients grouped in 3 categories: Low, Mid, and High performers.
Who are AppCircle? 
AppCircle is an AI-Powered easy-to-use mobile CI/CD platform that manages mobile app lifecycle end-to-end, transforming DevOps to NoOps with the best practices. Build your iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter apps within seconds, run tests, distribute to tester groups & App stores. You can even create your own App Store for in-house distribution.​​​​​​​

1 hour

40 minute presentation with a 20 minute Q&A at the end of the session. 

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